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Join the innerU Circle!

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innerU is committed to helping women lead happier and more fulfilling lives by fostering joy, excitement, and awareness of your inner you and become the master of their own lives. Through rich educational content and the delivery of powerful experiential tools, we facilitate the awareness of both your body, mind, and spirit connection.

By joining the innerU circle you will:

  • Access easy to integrate practices that will leave you feeling great
  • Uncover wisdom traditions from around the world that will open your mind and heart
    • Receive valuable health and wellness tips that will leave you energized
  • Acquaint yourself with the latest scientific findings behind the success of happiness
  • Deepen and discover your inner world for a more fulfilled life
  • Learn to cultivate peace, happiness, and joy
  • Access valuable training and seminars
  • Unleash your full potential
  • Be a part of a rich community of women
  • Pay nothing, it‘s Free!

Lets Explore!

Join the innerU Circle!

Begin your innerU Journey!

In gratitude for your presence to our circle, we will be sending you a FREE 7-day innerU meditation course designed for busy women. This program will help you reduce stress, increase your performance, relax and be in a more joyful state.

How the course is formatted: Each day you will receive an email with a daily practice and audio clip. Check you inbox for further information.

With this 7-day FREE meditation course you will receive:
• Easy to incorporate daily meditative practices
• Relaxing and inspiring audio recordings
• Valuable tools and inspiring quotes

  • We are excited to take this journey with you!

    Love, peace, and happiness,​
    Anne-Marie and Kathy

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