Step In - Step Up Program

21-Day Mindfulness Masterclass

Experience a daily mindfulness practice given to you right to your email box. Simple and easy practices that be integrated into your busy lifestyle.

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Mindfulness For Children

innerU is an 8 to 16 week eco mindfulness educational program designed for children and youth 9 to 17 years of age. Its curriculum was developed to incorporate 5 minute pre-recorded daily meditations and a twice a week 15-20 min in class embodied practice, facilitating ease of implementation in already burdened educational programs.

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Step In-Step Up 1-Year Program

Are you being called to truly connect—to your heart, to nature, to community, and your higher purpose? If so, this program is for you. Step-In - Step Up yearlong program is designed for women who are called to stand powerfully in the truth of their authentic voice, creativity, passions, and dreams.​

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Individual Coaching / Counseling

Are you ready to transform your life and manifest your dreams? Are you ready to release yourself from unnessary burdens and fears and move through the blocks that are holding you back? You are the only one who can answer these questions. Success is moving through challenging moments...the difficult times when you're tempted to run away from your transformation process. We are hear to help you stay on track, gain clarity, leap into greater peace, joy, and inner truth.

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