Welcome to Step In-Step Up - Yearlong Program​!  We are excited you have taken the first Step to closing the gap in manifesting your dreams; may it be in  business, in your relationships, or living your life purpose.  

More and more women are called to be the change they want to see in the world. This starts by making lasting change from the inside out.  Step In- Step Up is designed to deliver you massive success.

Are you being called to truly connect—to your heart,  to nature, to community, and your higher purpose?  If so, this program is for you. Step-In - Step Up yearlong program is designed for women who are called to stand powerfully in the truth of their authentic voice, creativity, passions, and dreams.​ These women have often heard the call to live a more integrated and meaningful life through financial abundance, emotional wellbeing,  spiritual connection, and creative expression. A deeper life purpose and mission is calling them to Step up to be the change they would like to see in the world. This starts by living, breathing, and applying strategies and tools to ensure success and joy.

Who is this Step In -Step Up Program For?

This year-long program offers women entrepreneurs, community leaders, and visionaries an opportunity to manifest their dreams by first unteathering the invisible and subtle forces that keep us bound into mediocrity. Through eco-centric retreats, monthly virtual gatherings, and individual coaching, you will be provided tools to shift fears into power in order for you to truly manifest your life desires. In addition, you will be provided practical tools to grow your business and reach new levels of aspiration and success.

Ready to take the next steps?

​• Deepen your understanding and appreciation of your inner landscape and how it influences and dictates your decisions
​• Learn to cultivate your inner flame to powerfully propels you fearlessly into decision making that is key to success
​• Unleash your authentic voice essential to creating meaning and purpose
​• Master the art of empowerment through ritual and ancient practices
​• Access strategies for success
​• And offer a vehicle for powerful transformation to unfold

“You are as deep as the greatest oceans and brighter than the brightest stars;  if only we could truly see the beauty that resides. ”

— Anne-Marie Charest, PhD, innerU Explorer and  Founder

This program ​includes​:​

Group Coaching
Bi-monthly live Coaching and Q&A to keep you on track with your massive action plan.

Individualized Coaching
Monthly personalized coaching to elicit your authentic voice and ensure that your strategies are working for you, your customers, and your visions. 

Stay Connected  - Stay Empowered
A FREE 21 day on-line Mindfulness Masterclass to keep you focused and rejuvenated.

Four Empowering Live Retreats
4-empowering and rejuvenating eco-centric treats are designed to inspire and re-activate your inner flame and visions​.

(the initial cost does not include travel and room/board

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Find out more on how you can step into living your life purpose, create bountiful joy, abundance, and deeper love and connection by signing up for a free 30-minute breakthrough session.

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What People are Saying About Step In- Step Up

“Your inspiration and support in helping me birth my company mindfullyU, would not have come to life without your support. You brought me to tears when I first saw you teach in the classroom which reminded me that I needed to be back in the classroom and working with youth. I hope you know (and I have tears of gratitude flowing for you as I type) that my gratitude for your spark and inspiration and grace and knowledge and support is beyond word.

I think of how the universe has worked her wonders in connecting us and creating the path and supporting us all in this journey. Thank you! I hope you can feel my love for what you have gifted me.”

- Daisy

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Thank you so much for your sincerely amazing guidance and presence...I am forever greatful for you from the deepest of my soul and heart. There have been only a very few people in my life whose presence and impact is so profoundly illuminating and meaningful...Anne Marie is definitely on that short list. She is one of those few people whom from the moment you meet, your intuition tells you 'she has it, this one has the knowing". Her multi-faceted, no bullshit brilliance is in how she is able to integrate so many gifts: She has a keen insight that is just as lovely through both the darkest and the most joyful of experiences; a kindness that is both fierce in it's protective encouragement of my best self as it is gentle through the difficult places we work through; she has the purest integrity; and her ability to hear through her every sense is as spiritual as it is scientific–it is completely magical.

I have never worked with someone as gifted in breaking through trauma and the many subsequent illusions and stories we find ourselves in to so quickly clear and reconnect my soul with its natural peace, joy and beauty. I cannot possibly say enough to describe the gratitude I have to have been able to work with someone like Anne Marie...she is a true treasure.”

- Tegan​

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Thank you, you have a magical talent and it's unparalleled with anyone I've encountered in the medical field. I am so honored to have you as my life coach. I humbly thank you and honor you Anne-Marie. After my sessions with you I go from utter hopelessness to the most beautiful place of peace and comfort in my self and surrounding. It's beautiful how you don't tell me what to do but guide me in understanding truth within myself. It's the magical way you help me find the tiniest, tiniest minute bit of hope, allowing people me discovery and awareness of a process that enables to the next phase of growth and self-love.

I'm more amazed after every session how you uncover and help me release and completely clear deep debilitating painful past occurrences in my life. Each time I meet with you because of the organic way you counsel the trauma that reveals itself through your practice, I wake the next morning light as a feather and full of utter harmonious love for myself and others. I went from devastation to determination and it is because of your genuine interest in fulfilling your commitment to helping me believe there is a cure, and end to suffering and beginning of a whole new world of awareness. This morning, I am writing “A Note To Self” entitled TRUTH to read, anytime I get in my Fight/Flight or Fear state. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me truly live and see why my life is important.”

- Terrie​

John Doe UI/UX Designer
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