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Join us for a 21-Day Mindfulness Masterclass 

Are you caring for yourself from the inside out? If not, are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed with your busy lifestyle?  If so, than its time to make the shift...

 Join us for a 21-day Mindfulness Masterclass! We are excited to share with you how you can bring joy, happiness and peace into your life.

Did you know that more and more women are turning to mindfulness as a way to feel happier and more alive.

You may ask yourself what is Mindfulness? Mindfulness can be defined as being aware and accepting of the present moment. It sounds simple and, in essence, it is. Each part of our day can be an opportunity to build stress or bring joy. Yet each time we choose to step into an authentic embodied presence or mindfulness, we create an opportunity to experience the world in a more open and embracive way. This ultimately results in a happier life. 

When we designed this course, we didn't want it to just be the theory of mindfulness. We wanted you to experience the practice, to dive deep into your own inner world.

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This FREE download is 52-Page workbook that includes journal exercises, inspirational quotes, reading material, and journaling corner. All designed to enhance your experience and allow space for reflection and growth.  

21-Day Mindfulness Masterclass Workbook

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Integrating Your innerU Mindfulness Practice

Countless women agree that yes, mindfulness can drastically transform your life for the better—but only if you actually do it. The good news is that mindfulness can be easily integrated into any lifestyle. The key for success is little and consistent steps along the way rather than jumping into all-or-nothing extremes.

Have you ever committed yourself to some type of personal improvement—may it be exercise, eating better, or a new practice—and after a solid start, your efforts faded away? 

Be kind to yourself, you're human. We all have limited time and energy. And without support, lifestyle changes are very difficult to maintain. That's why we're dedicating our efforts to helping you integrate your mindfulness practice into your busy lives and have fun with it.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

  • 21-Day mindfulness practice delivered directly to your email inbox
  • 52-Page downloadable workbook that includes journal exercises, inspirational quotes, reading material, and journaling corner 
  • Access to 21-days of audio clips, that you can keep which guides you through
    your daily journey

This class is offered for only $47 Join now! 

Thats only $2.25 per day (a value at over $250).

“Mindfulness is about being fully awake in our lives. It is about perceiving the exquisite vividness of each moment. We gain immediate access to our own powerful inner resources for insight, transformation, and healing.”

—Jon Kabat-Zinn, your final month's teacher

How Mindfulness Changes Your Life

Recent studies have shown the seemingly endless positive ways mindfulness impacts our lives—less worry, better health, improved focus, and more fulfilling relationships, to name a few. And recent breakthroughs in neuroscience have proven that regular mindfulness practice actually changes the brain, making it possible to let go of old negative patterns. Even five minutes a day can make a difference.

Best of all, anyone can cultivate and grow this critical skill. Here are the benefits of a Mindfulness Practice:

Reduce Stress
Calm your mind and relax more easily so you can ride the waves of life with curiosity, acceptance, and joy

Stay Healthy
Reduce pain and inflammation, build a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, recover faster, and sleep better

Improve Relationships
Mindfulness helps us shed our defenses and assumptions so we can connect to others with spaciousness and heart

Increase Performance
Focus, attention, memory, body awareness, and other critical skills all improve with mindfulness

Live Longer
Gene expression can change with regular practice—telomeres grow stronger and longer, correlating with an increased lifespan

Awaken and Expand
Connect more consciously with your full self and greatest callings, tapping into a limitless space of loving awareness

21-Day Mindfulness Masterclass Workbook

Sign-up for the 21-day Mindfulness Masterclass

About Your innerU Explorers

Anne-Marie Charest photo

Anne-Marie Charest, PhD
innerU Founder
Life Explorer & Wizard
Code Name: Sanna

Kathy Bryant photo

Kathy Bryant
innerU Co-Founder
Explorer & Coach
Code Name: VisionQuester

Anne-Marie’s passion as a facilitator, therapist, educator, and environmentalist, is to help women “Dive into the Divine”. Through the exploration of self, others, and the world around us, Anne-Marie helps women awake to their full potential and so that they may witness the immense beauty within. As an embodied mindfulness facilitator for more than 30 years, she relishes in sharing the wisdom of the senses, the nature of the mind, and the magic of embodied, contemplative practices as tools to explore our inner landscape. As a bridge walker between science and spirituality, she incorporates modalities from both ancient Eastern cultures and modern science to offer a holistic educational and therapeutic model where body, mind, and spirit are taken into account.

What You’d Never Guess: She dances with the whales.

Anne-Marie’s philosophy: “Love life and life will be filled with love.”

As a business owner for over 30 years, Kathy brings a wealth of wisdom in both the world of business and mindful living. She’s built her successful business on
30 years of strategic marketing, branding, and creative concept experience. As a fire walker, Kathy shares her passion for inner exploration and balance to support other women’s inner and entrepreneurial journeys. She comes from a linage of women teachers that values contemplative practices such as meditation and mindfulness, which greatly influenced her personally and professionally throughout her life. She draws her energy and inspiration from nature which include hiking in the mountains, walking along the beach, and shredding waves with her kids.

What You’d Never Guess: She plays in a drum line.

Kathy’s philosophy: “You were born to make an impact.”

What People are Saying About innerU’s Mindfulness Program

“innerU’s mindfulness practice has helped me become more aware of myself, others and their environment while offering greater emotional intelligence. It greatly complimented and enriched other practices I incorporate in my life.”
     -Jessica L.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I really appreciated the nature centric theme with the program, and how nature became the catalyst to learning mindfulness. The Daily Dives were also very appreciated in that they provided program consistency.”
     -Lori M.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The innerU mindfulness program offered me an opportunity to quiet down and learn how to focus better.”
     -Kim W.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Sign-up for only $47 Thats only $2.25 per day (a value at over $250).

We invite you jump in... capture your joy and celebration of your mindfulness practice.

21-Day Mindfulness Masterclass Workbook

Sign-up for the 21-day Mindfulness Masterclass

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