At innerU we believe that wellbeing starts from the inside out! For this reason we have developed a mindfulness curriculum designed for teachers and parents who feel passionate about providing socio-emotional tools for their children. 

Embodied Mindfulness - Ocean Adventure
By Anne-Marie Charest, PhD

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La Présence Attentive - 
Aventure Océanique
par Anne-Marie Charest, PhD
Traduction: Émily Lafrance

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innerU is an 8 to 16 week eco mindfulness educational program designed for children and youth 9 to 17 years of age. Its curriculum was developed to incorporate 5 minute pre-recorded daily meditations and a twice a week 15-20 min in class embodied practice, facilitating ease of implementation in already burdened educational programs.  Founded on Jon Kabat-Zinn’s MBSR training as well as other ancient embodied practices, the program is designed to help children gain as clearer understanding of how their thoughts and emotions impact their health and quality of life.

Founded in indigenous wisdom, ecopsychology and exploratory approaches, the objective of the program is to incorporate clinically proven concepts  to provide the necessary resources to cultivate intention, attention, and attitude towards one’s inner and outer worlds. Non-reactive and non-judgment approaches towards their experience as well as the nature of compassion is explored. Children and youth will also learn how to develop their inner sacred space and learn self-regulatory coping tools which they can incorporate into their daily lives.

Through a joyful, loving, and holistic approach, innerU mindfulness program offers youth embodied mindfulness tools to cultivate the qualities necessary for wellbeing and enriched lives. Meditative practices, through sensory awareness, sound, walking, eating, moving, or sitting meditations, as well as imagery, are introduced to help participants become more intimately aware of their own landscapes. In essence, innerU encourage a movement from the inside out. Participants will gain from cultivating compassion, inner peace, and by understanding the nature of the mind.

Why Mindfulness in Schools?

One of the primary ironies of modern education is that we ask students to “pay attention” dozens of times a day yet we never teach them how. The practice of mindfulness teaches students how to pay attention, and this way of paying attention enhances both academic and social-emotional learning.  (Saltzman, 2011)

With increased stressors of our modern day lives and its impact on neurological, emotional, executive function development, and wellbeing, the necessity to teach our children tools such mindfulness is paramount. As educators rethink the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to thrive in our fast-changing society, it is opportune to consider other life skills that can contribute to wellbeing, resilience, academic, and life success. Numerous studies have pointed to the efficacy of mindfulness to help with multiple mental and physical problems such as anxiety, stress, pain, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity, and mood disorders. In addition, recent studies have also indicated the success of mindfulness in contributing to academic achievement.

Benefits of Mindfulness:

- Better focus and concentration
- Increased sense of calm
- Decreased stress & anxiety
- Enhanced health
- Improved impulse control
- Increased self-awareness
- Skillful responses to difficult emotions
- Increased empathy and understanding of others
- Development of natural conflict resolution skills
- Overall sense of wellbeing and inner peace

“You are as deep as the greatest oceans and brighter than the brightest stars;  if only we could truly see the beauty that resides. ”

— Anne-Marie Charest, PhD -- innerU Mindfulness Educator and Founder

Who is this curriculum for?

This book is designed for teachers, educators, and parents who understand the value of incorporating embodied mindfulness-based practices in the classroom, in after-school programs, in camps, or at home. The curriculum was developed for children, taking into account their developmental needs. Understanding that time is often a luxury in classroom settings as well as in fast-paced home environments, the innerU program is designed to make your experience stress-free and fun. Using the rich, mixed-media capabilities of iBook platforms, innerU offers easily accessible 15- minute lessons filled with engaging audio and eye-catching videos for visual support.

What people are saying about innerU Mindfulness Ocean Adventure

“The embodied-mindfulness program offered students an opportunity to quiet down and learn how to focus better.  It also offered us, as a class, a common language to use, which was beneficial for our overall class functioning.”

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“ As a student, innerU helped me prepare for tests. When I would get nervous, I would remember to take my three mindful breaths.”

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The students really appreciated the ocean theme with the audio and video, and how they got to explore different animals while learning mindfulness. The Daily Dives were also very appreciated  in that they provided program consistency.”

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Mindfulness has helped me in school to be more aware of my surroundings, of myself, and of my friends.  Before I was always jumpy. Now I feel more like myself, calmer and happier.”

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I loved how we got to do all kinds of experiences  that helped us understand ourselves better.  And I really like how we learned from the animals. I never thought we can think of animals as humans.”

John Doe UI/UX Designer
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