Our Mission

To cultivate ones inner wisdom, authentic voice, meaningful purpose, and bountiful joy through transformational journeys for the wellbeing of self, community, and the planet.

Our Values

Respect – We respect our clients, each other, and our environment.
Vision – We stand in the power of the heart!
Improvement – We are inspired to be positive change agents.

Honesty – We always speak the truth.
Creativity – We do our best work, think outside the box, and have fun.
Partnership – We encourage collaboration and communication.

Anne-Marie Charest, PhD
innerU Founder
Life Explorer & Wizard
Code Name: Sanna

Kathy Bryant
innerU Co-Founder
Code Name: VisionQuester

Anne-Marie’s passion as a facilitator, therapist, educator, and environmentalist, is to help women “Dive into the Divine”. Through the exploration of self, others, and the world around us, Anne-Marie helps women awake to their full potential and so that they may witness the immense beauty within. As an embodied mindfulness facilitator for more than 30 years, she relishes in sharing the wisdom of the senses, the nature of the mind, and the magic of embodied, contemplative practices as tools to explore our inner landscape. As a bridge walker between science and spirituality, she incorporates modalities from both ancient Eastern cultures and modern science to offer a holistic educational and therapeutic model where body, mind, and spirit are taken into account.

What You’d Never Guess: She dances with the whales.
Anne-Marie’s philosophy: “Love life and life will be filled with love.”

As a business owner for over 30 years, Kathy brings a wealth of wisdom in both the world of business and mindful living. She’s built her successful business on 30 years of strategic marketing, branding, and creative concept experience. As a fire walker, Kathy shares her passion for inner exploration and balance to support other women’s inner and entrepreneurial journeys. She comes from a linage of women teachers that values contemplative practices such as meditation and mindfulness, which greatly influenced her personally and professionally throughout her life. She draws her energy and inspiration from nature which include hiking in the mountains, walking along the beach, and shredding waves with her kids.

What You’d Never Guess: She plays in a drum line.
Kathy’s philosophy: “You were born to make an impact.”